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Residential Buildings:

The process for the documentation of new Residential Buildings, Residential Building Additions, and Unit Developments are similar, as follows.....

New Residential Buildings:

Site Assessment:

We arrange for an initial consultation with the client, to discuss their requirements and preferences and gather relevant information that the maybe available to to assist in

the design of the new Dwelling. A site assessment is made to confirm physical and site specific limitations. A design is prepared in conjunction with the client requirements,  Local Council guidelines, (Development Plan) Land Management Agreements or Encumbrances as noted on the certificate of title.

In all situations, the concept sketches are presented to the Client for approval and consist of a Site Plan, Floor Plan and elevations. When the client is satisfied with the concept design, we start the Provisional Development Plan consent documentation.

Provisional Development Plan Consent stage:

Preparation of formal accurate drawings of the site plan, floor plan and elevations. The documentation is lodged for Planning Approval and our quote is inclusive of the Planning application and lodgement fees.

Building Approval Documentation stage:

When Provisional Development Plan Consent is granted, the technical or architectural drawings start. These drawings consist of dimensioned and noted floor layouts, electrical and sewer layouts,

wall framing and bracing layouts, roof framing layout, noted external elevations, sections through the building, construction details, glazing schedule wet area details,

energy efficiency assessment, specification and schedule. Documentation is sent to the truss fabricators, for the design of the roof trusses.

The Engineer is engaged to complete the footing design and any additional engineering as required. The engineering fee is determined by the extent of design required

and the fee is included in the estimate. Payment of the consultants fees are made directly to them by the client.

Approval Stage:

When the architectural working drawings, engineering and truss design is completed, the documentation is forwarded to the Private Certifier for Building Approval.

Our estimate includes the certification fee and Construction Industry Training Levy.

When the documentation has been certified, it is forwarded to Council for final Development Consent. The stamped approved documentation is then sent to us for

forwarding to the Client.

It is at this point that demolition and/or construction can commence on site.